~ Day 1 ~
Colchester to Wexford.
15th July 2012  

Sun 15th - Waiting to board the ferry at Fishguard...
shortly before getting stopped and checked out by the port police.

Goodbuy Wales/England.

Hello Ireland.....
Old watermill near Wexford.
Location here. 

First night camp at 'The Trading Post' (
Location here) north of Wexford - making use of the bench...
This campsite was in the 'wrong direction'  as I went north or anti-clockwise to reach it,
but there is a wonderful pub just across the road!

Nice old traditional thatched building/bar, probably originally a farm house.

Inside the thatched pub which is still on oil lamps!
Unfortunately it only opens on a Saturday, but the bar lady took me through to have a look.
The regular pub is an interesting round building next door and was later filled with
young traditional musicians that had been in a local competition and 'jammed' together for the evening.

 Mileage today = 365
Mileage total so far =

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