Some interesting slides of mostly early Trident and Bandit.

Cracking photos - the guy was obviously good. The shot at the Shell garage must be posed (mustn't it?). Looks like the same Daytona as at the race circuit and petrol pump attendants didn't look like that as far as I recall. Good to see the Redex and 35p for petrol - (that would have been a gallon!). Can't tell if he is filling up with 4 or 5 star though. In my experience Daytona's preferred 5 star.
Not sure where the race shots are from - but the year I would say is 1971, (but could be 1972). The trident race bikes are works production racers fitted with Fontana front brakes, (one could be 'Slippery Sam' - in an early guise). This was the case for all in 1971 but by late 1972 they start sticking some early discs on some of the production bikes but stuck with the drum brakes on some others. The riders are works riders of the 71/72 season Paul Smart and Ray Pickerall and good old Percy Tait - worker road tester and racer. He is still a TOMCC man in the midlands I understand from Nacelle.
The road Trident in the mark 2 introduced in 1971 with the megaphone exhausts, the conical,(comical) hubs and Regal purple paint work. It is an export model, (defined by the tank and bars). My first Trident I got back in 1973 (for 330), was a 1972 registered version of this bike, (although a European model) and I still have an un-used tin of Triumph regal purple paint. Useless I know - but pretty.
As you probably know many Triumph models were referenced by a year which was actually later than when they were built. What happened was that after the factory returned from the summer August break - when the factory closed  - they would then start producing the next seasons models - so anything built from August onwards in 1971 was referenced as the 1972 model range. The Trident is un-used and has no reg plate - so almost certainly this was a publicity shoot of some sort. Interesting to see that the Bandit at the circuit does have a reg plate - so must have been one the few actual test bikes, (think I heard once there were 4 but - - ?).
The TR6 is a TR6c (competition) as per the raised exhaust. Primarily aimed for the US market - small numbers were sold at home - so hence rare over here, although in recent years a few have 'returned'. Both this and the 650 Bonneville are early OIF models introduced in 1971 and as both are apparently unused. This along with the promotion of the Bandit in it's ready to go state supports the view that this is 1971. The Daytona's never went OIF and were produced for road use up until the 1974 range. Off road 500s became the (unit) TR5 as per Eric's.

Great photos of a great time for Triumph - just before the troubles really took hold.



Paul Brewster.


Thanks for the info Paul - great stuff! ~ Stephen.

(PS one of the Trident slides has '72' written on it.)