Run to 8 Ball Diner. 

Dear all,

I would like to send my thanks to those that attended yesterdays breakfast run.

I got a great buzz from seeing at least 4 triumphs arrive at the tollgate shopping centre.


The ride to Rivenhall was to say the least, "nippy" with mist on the outside of the visor. But the roads were good and it turned out to be a pleasant ride.

Arriving at the Diner there was at least 30 bikes, with some 10 Suzuki's etc all leaving just the moment after we arrived..... We must have frightened them into leaving with our REAL BRITISH Bikes.


The breakfast was really good, and I couldn't get over the amount of food on Mark's plate, and all for 2-99. Where did you put it all Mark !!!

Loads of voices in conversation was evident......never heard so much yakking in a long while...... except for our meets at our HQ at Wenham.....


After having a good breakfast, a cuppa, and good company, we started to wend our merry way home.

That's when the weather really changed.....The sun came out and became very warm.... going towards Colchester, there wasn't a cloud in the sky... BER-YOU-TEE-FALL. Really great for riding





STOMCC Chairman and Social Secretary