Minutes of the 2017 AGM – Suffolk Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club, STOMCC


Location: The Queens Head, The Row, Great Wenham, Colchester, CO7 6PU.

Date: 12th April 2017

Number of attendees: 26



1. Chairman to open meeting

    a. Welcome

    b. 2016 AGM minutes and reports are available on the STOMCC website.

2. Presentation of committee reports

    a. Membership Secretary:        Trevor Benjamin

    b. Treasurer:           Mark Barrett

    c. Social Secretary:    Rebecca Bennett

    d. Webmaster:           Stephen Byrne

3. Chairman’s Summary

4. Election of 2017 Committee

    a. Chairman

    b. Membership Secretary

    c. Treasurer

    d. Social Secretary

    e. Webmaster

5. A.O.B (any other business)

    a. Charities

    b. Copdock Bike Show 2017

    c. Motions/Ideas from the membership

    6. Presentation to Patsy and Mark, landlord and lady of Gt Wenham ‘Queens Head’

    7. Chairman to close the meeting






1. Chairman Welcome

    2016 minutes and reports agreed by the membership.


2. Committee Reports

a) Membership Secretary, Trevor Benjamin:

  • 141 members, which makes us a rather big TOMCC branch.
  • We lost 24 members but gained 44
  • Most longstanding member joined in 1993 (Rob)
  • We draw members from a large area; by zip code:
    • 2 members in Cambridge
    • 5 Norwich
    • 42 Colchester
    • 94 Ipswich
    • 2 of the 141 are associate members
    • Full report please see on the STOMCC website

The membership accepted the report.




b. Treasurer, Mark Barrett:

  • Most ‘In’ and ‘Out’ comes from membership fees
  • Highlight: we have more in the bank than last year
  • We donated £200 to SARS
  • We had some investment into club merchandise, but had good return on it.
  • Thank you!’ to Rebecca for managing the club merchandise. Copdock turnover was £291
  • Full report please see on the STOMCC website
  • Actions Mark:
  • £69.99 for gazebo to pay to Andy
  • Membership fees balance with TOMMC
  • The membership accepted the report


c. Social Secretary, Rebecca Bennett


  • Events are all listed in the online calendar.


  • Print out of event list is available for people without internet access.
  • We will do Copdock 2017 again, great success last year.


  • As discussed in previous meetings: Stalls at bike shows to promote club and gain more members – 3 shows are booked:
    • (1) 20th May, Wheelie Fun Day at The Playing Field, Sommersham.
    • (2) 6th August, Museum of Power, Langford.
    • (3) 16th September, Castle Park, Colchester.
  • Action to membership: Help needed, email will be sent to membership so people can sign up for volunteering
  • Action Rebecca: Send email request for volunteers.

Other events:

  • Trifest Somerset
  • Andy: In 2018 there will be a big Triumph festival in Guernsey, he will get dates and details.

  • Kesgrave Bell, 22nd April, stall may be possible – Andy and Rebecca will look into it in more detail.
  • Fressingfield, 11th June, stall is possible as well, previous show was great, so worthwhile, but we might just use a banner instead of gazebo, to be able to go with bikes.

‘Thank you!’ to Rebecca from the membership; everybody is happy with the calendar and how Rebecca organises things.





  • trying to sell more,
  • sell off existing stock to get a bit more money before ordering new
  • thinking about types of badges
  • suggestion from the membership:
  • have bigger mugs




d. Webmaster, Stephen Byrne:


  • Rebecca does Twitter.
  • We have FB page.
  • We have website.
    • There is some cost for the domain name, hosting will rise by a small amount the coming year, yet is still very affordable.
    • New logo added to the web site last year.
    • Do we want to sell merchandise via website using Paypal?
    • Someone needs to do this, time consuming
    • Shipping cost
    • Implications on book keeping?
    • Initially merchandise was for club members, do we want to expand?
    • Suggestion: add email address to some nice pictures of merchandise and review and decide later about way forward depending on the pick-up.



Action to membership: please contribute more in order to show that we are an active branch and to inspire people to join.


Action Stephen: update front page from new material from members


3) Chairman’s Summary

  • Most of it was covered by the committee
  • It was a good year,
  • Membership has grown,
  • New logo designed by Stephen
  • At times, monthly branch reports were hard to write due to lack of input. Input so far mainly came from meets, e.g. SARS visit; this is not quite enough to fill a report.

Action to membership: please provide a few lines about things you do.




4) Election of Committee.

a) Chairman:                         Andy is prepared to stand again: membership agreed.

b) Membership secretary:        Trevor is prepared to stand again: membership agreed.

c) Treasurer:                         Mark is prepared to stand again: membership agreed.

d) Social Secretary:                Rebecca is prepared to stand again: membership agreed.

e) Webmaster:                      Stephen is prepared to stand again: membership agreed.



5) Any other business




o In 2016 we had chosen to support 3 charities, but it was not possible to get in contact with the Liver cancer charity

Proposal of chairman: Allocated amount of £200 to be split between the two other charities, Air Ambulance and SARS - proposal accepted by membership

o This year’s choice of charities

Proposal of chairman: stay with just 2 charities, Air Ambulance and SARS – proposal accepted by membership


Copdock Bike Show 2017

  • 2016 was very good.
  • Graham agrees to organise Copdock 2017.
  • Camping over like last year!
  • It would be nice and affordable to have a bigger pitch.
  • Actions Graham:
  • A bit more work on the backdrop.
  • Trying to get a bigger patch.


Motions/Ideas from the membership.

Hinckley Factory tour now seems possible at end of summer.

Trevor is suggesting an exit questionnaire.

Better communication between members in regard to rides, which are not on the calendar.
Actions to membership: Please use the channels we have available and either put on FB or send an email to webmaster or chairman if you are going out for a ride and wish to invite others along.



6) Presentation to Landlord and Landlady

Chairman presented a voucher and thanked Patsy and Mark for the food and for giving the STOMCC a home.



7) Close

Chairman to the membership: ‘Thank you!’ to the committee for re-standing, and to the membership for turning up!

AGM closed





Mark Barrett:

69.99 for gazebo to pay to Andy

Membership fees balance with TOMMC


Rebecca Bennett:

Send email request for stall keeping volunteers


Stephen Byrne:

Update front page, from new material from members



Do some more magic on the Copdock stall backdrop

Check if we can get a bigger patch at the Copdock ’17 show


To membership:

Please sign up as volunteers to man stalls at events and transport gazebo and merchandise: Contact Rebecca or watch out for email on this matter.


Please provide Stephen and Andy with pictures and short stories of your rides, or any other worthwhile subject. Either send an email or put it on the FB site.


Please keep other members informed about rides you organise and invite them along using FB or sending an email to Stephen and Andy.